A Conversation with Tina C. Powell, BS'88


What are your fondest memories of your FDU days?

My fondest memory of FDU was graduation on the Teaneck (now Metropolitan) campus. It was the fulfillment of a major life goal. I graduated magna cum laude and received a special award which was truly memorable.

How did your FDU experiences prepare you for your career?

During all four years of school, I also worked two (sometimes three) jobs off campus. The rigor, discipline, and hard work needed to maintain a high GPA at FDU, while being employed, helped build my career endurance. I quickly transitioned from business student to business professional and developed an appetite to take on new challenges and a few calculated risks along the way. I always had great ambition but those years at FDU amplified them further.

Any classes, professors or moments on campus that made a big difference in your life?

As a business major, there were many great classes but the course I took on public speaking by far was the best and most challenging. Five minutes at the podium without notes felt like jumping off the high dive. Our professor gave us a big push while providing the much needed guidance to help us grow. My computer programming class was also interesting; it was ahead of its time even though it was pre-Internet.

Anything about FDU that impresses you today?

I am impressed by the legacy of leadership that has blessed our institution since its inception. Our current President, Sheldon Drucker, has all hands on deck and is leading FDU into the future during the most challenging era of our time. The vision, commitment, and unique skill-set of our University leadership are something I most admire. I am continually impressed by the growth and innovation as represented by our expanding campus and degree programs today. We continue to make measurable progress.

Why do you give to FDU? Why do you serve as a member of the Board of Governors?

I give to FDU because of the students. It is easy to see those who demonstrate strong leadership potential, a solid work ethic, and are willing to hustle and put forth the effort. I love to add value where I can make a difference. As a member of the FDU Alumni Board of Governors, that support is multiplied exponentially, thanks in part to the collaboration and teamwork of other alumni who also want to help cultivate the next generation of leaders.

About Tina C. Powell, BS'88, MA'14

Tina Powell is Director of Business Management and Partner at Beacon Wealth Management, LLC where she heads marketing and business development. She is a high-energy speaker on social media and finance for women and is a member of TD Ameritrade’s Advisor Panel.

Tina earned her B.S. in Business Management, magna cum laude, from Fairleigh Dickinson University at the Metro Campus. She also earned a M.A. in Graphic Communications Management & Technology from New York University School of Professional Studies where she received the prestigious 2014 Prism Alumni Achievement Award.

Tina is an active member of the FDU Alumni Board of Governors and serves on their marketing committee. 

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