Hold’em Basic Strategy for Sports 오프홀덤 mental game


Let’s learn about the mental game of 오프홀덤

Most good poker players fail. 오프홀덤 Or, at least, perform below their potential. So even if you master a small game and play profitably at mid-level, you will want to return to the bottom and get your money back or start over.

Nothing to be ashamed of. Even talented and experienced full-time poker players play through hard times. But unlike the full-time pros, the problem with most players is that they lose their composure. This isn’t a problem of playing a big game that doesn’t suit you; it’s a problem caused by constantly making judgmental mistakes that are far from your goals.

It’s impossible to build a successful hold’em career without wrestling with the mental game. I can’t cover everything in this article 오프홀덤 뜻, but I’ll share some tips.

You will often go all-in 오프홀덤 딜러 구인.

Let’s take another game as an example; you’ll often bet with your friends. Regardless of the amount, you will bet with confidence in your own choice. Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team in soccer or playing a rock-paper-scissors game with your friends, you’ll be blown away by the results.

However, if you play No Limit Hold’em, you will feel like you are being played by your opponent when you go all-in and lose.

Regardless of the amount, whether by luck or skill, you can feel the humiliation of losing to your opponent as you recall each betting round and choices in No Limit Hold’em. So please don’t be too hard on yourself.

Good no-limit 오프홀덤 동전방 play means going all-in when the odds are good.

There is no such thing as ‘certainly’ that there is an edge.

You’ll win the big bluffs, but sometimes you can lose by someone’s call or go all-in on the ‘nut’ of the flop and get overturned by the river.

You’re in the right place to play if you have a top pair when you’re playing against a really ‘loose’ opponent. That’s because loose players can call with a worse hand than you.

But of course, they can reach with better hands. Sometimes you can meet the ‘three’ of the opponent you thought you couldn’t do, and you can go all-in to the top pair and lose.

Leave your pride at home.

Let’s think about a scenario that happens all the time. You bet all-in with the top pair and the lousy player you targeted called overnight.

You see your opponent’s ‘three,’ and you lose horribly. Do you feel like a fool yourself? Be honest.

Most will. When I first started No Limit, I felt like an idiot.

Where does this feeling come from? It comes from pride.

Most players lose a lot because of this very pride. Unfounded self-confidence makes them uneasy playing with garbage hands or reluctant to take reasonable risks to defend their ego bruised by bad beats.

Let go of your pride.

Self-esteem is entirely independent of decision-making. Going all-in with a top team is the right decision if your opponent is playing bad enough to call all-in with a middle pair.

Because of bad luck, don’t feel stupid if he gets on your nerves with it.

Who cares? All you have to do is make the best decisions, and if you’re doing that, you’ll be proud of whoever takes the chips.

Complaining about bad bits is another symptom of overactive pride.

If you’re complaining about BadBit, you have a susceptible ego problem.

That is to say, when you lose with a nasty bit, everyone at the table will see clearly that you are playing the hand well to your advantage.

Now, everyone knows the situation you could have won. Are you still hurting yourself?

Every poker player wins, and every poker player loses. No one cares whether you are winning or losing today, this month, or for the rest of your life.

No one cares if you are maximizing your profits. They may be pretending they are, but they are not. Losing one hand is not a loss of face. It’s always happening.

Do you feel angry, desperate, or embarrassed at the poker table? If so, you most likely let your ego, not your poker brain, make the decision. So say “I’m out of it” to your ego.

Every 오프홀덤 레이크 계산 game is a learning experience.

No one has mastered No Limit Hold’em. Everyone is learning more.

Even the best players in the world must keep learning, or someone else will soon take their place.

You’ll be making a mistake at least once in virtually every session.

Sometimes you make multiple mistakes; sometimes, you make huge mistakes.

It’s natural. If you are discouraged, you are making another mistake.

Why are you playing today? Are you playing to show people how good you are? 오프홀덤 레이즈 홀덤 I hope not.

In my opinion, playing to learn is the healthiest mind setting.

If you’re learning, it’s okay to lose. It’s okay if you make a mistake.

I hope you will progress through learning. The same goes for good play.

Even if you are lucky enough to win. I wish you all the best to study from your experience and develop into a better space.

Control yourself against a monster called Tilt. Tilt is a problem for all players.

When the monster Tilt wakes up from your pride and mistake, face Tilt in a way that will remind you of learning and advance your decision-making.

Play with a comfortable chip stack.

To be successful in No Limit Hold’em, you need to take risks and invest your stacks in reasonable circumstances (all-in).

Under appropriate circumstances, you still have to risk losing four buy-ins. If you can’t and are afraid of failing, you can’t play well.

And you have to stop.

If that’s the case, get your chips out as soon as possible. Lose ten vines, and play with a stack willing to take the 11th risk.

Some say: “I can’t because money feels meaningless on a stack like that.” The game should be fun. But high stacks aren’t the only way to make the game fun.

I mainly have fun applying what I have learned and focusing on winning.

No matter how small the stack you play, you can learn how to win, play the game you love, and get better at it.

There is variance in poker. You can’t win 100% even if you play without a single mistake.

Consider, for example, a stock chart. Volatility is the movement of a stock chart.

If winning money is your primary motivation to play (or losing money is your biggest fear), you can get stuck in a negative mindset below the volatility. On the other hand, suppose you can’t find a motivation to play that has nothing to do with money. In that case, there is no mechanism to alleviate the emotional shock like a roller coaster from the top, and you need to stop playing and get treatment for your gambling addiction.

Losing is a part of poker. You don’t have to like losing, but you need to be peaceful when you lose. Remember, every time you lose, you start all over again. The only difference is that you are more prepared with the added learning.



You have passed seven easy strategies to enjoy no limit hold’em as a sport. Chapters 1 and 2 save many players from getting themselves into difficult situations. By insisting on a solid hand and avoiding out-of-position (OOP), you’ll start every hand to your advantage.

Chapters 3 and 4 taught you the basics of playing post-flop (flop, turn, river). Avoid big decisions with small hands and make big pots with big hands.

Chapter 5 was an overview and clearing of the bluffs. When you first learn to ride a bike, try it just like you can’t ride a bike without being prepared to fall.

Chapter 6 emphasized how to attack according to your opponent’s tendencies. You win not from your cleverness but from your opponent’s mistakes. If you match your play by taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes, you’ll make many chips.

Finally, Chapter 7 examines the mental problems that almost all no-limit players face. We want you to be a player who learns and grows to be a mental game, such as self-esteem issues, wise risk-taking, and sobering up on bad luck.


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